PART I – Preparing For The Next Stage Of The Illuminati’s New World Order

Since the earliest beginnings of the Illuminati, before the writing of our eternal oaths or the utterance of our vows as humanity’s protectors, our organization has advocated for the ultimate goal of a globalist Earth. Our vision for the future is a unified planet without national borders, governed by the best and the brightest of the human species, in which all people, in all places, can live in Abundance. A globalist society would mean the abandonment of divisions between countries and an end to the millennia of wars fought over land and its assets. It is an end to the hoarding and stockpiling of excess resources by one country while another country’s people starve. It is the idea that all humans are both individuals and also part of an extended species family, and that no human should be left behind simply because of the random chance of where they were born. In the current Age of War, the rich must hoard their supplies to ensure the safety of their children through this time of chaos. Their obelisks and factories can only be built through the work of necessitous masses. But a different age is nearly upon us – a post-labor civilization maintained by autonomous machinery and powered with unlimited energy. In the coming Age of Illuminatiam, all who seek riches receive the riches they deserve.

In the new world order, there is a place for everything and a purpose for everyone

Our plan for this planet sees humans that are not divided into tribes based on their geographic locations, physical appearances, or access to resources. Instead, every person is one unique part of a worldwide ecosystem in which their choices have an effect on the whole. Every person is a vital piece of a bigger machine that benefits from the entirety of humankind. Every person has the freedom to discover their purpose, to follow their passion, to better themselves, and to see how their efforts contribute to the lives of 8 billion others — instead of simply serving themselves and their needs. Globalism’s total unification is part of our utopian vision for the advancement of humanity –– a new world order of the ages. But there is a long and arduous road ahead, and many steps to take before humanity’s borders can be erased.

Humanity is not a species of 8,000,000,000; it is a species of 1 times 8,000,000,000

Ever since the first prehistoric inhabitants of Earth began to unite into packs for the communal pursuit of resources, humans have found themselves naturally drawn to communities that most closely resemble their own innate beliefs and genetic makeup. By forming tribes, humans divided this planet into sections that would allow deeply varying belief systems and cultures to have the opportunity to thrive and develop organically. But in these early times, citizens of this planet could only communicate with those nearby geographically, lacking the technology to share ideas and opinions as freely as they do now. For thousands of years, a person on one side of the planet could form their beliefs about their purpose in the universe without ever hearing about the beliefs of a person on the other side of the same planet — without having the opportunity to form doubts and to face questions that would challenge and improve their view of the world. Though much of the ideas of morality formed by early humans are filled with merit, many parts of early doctrines have overgrown into roadblocks that hinder the progression of humanity. These ideas have ingrained themselves so deeply into the human mind that citizens seeking the truth must often question their deepest-held beliefs before they can see what is obvious in front of them. When lacking experience with those who believe differently, humans begin to fear the “Other” — the unfamiliar vastness of humanity who may not be like them. This fear has been bred into humans so deeply that it requires generations to undo. Thousands of years of distrust have led to wars followed by retaliations; invasions followed by revenge; plundering followed by the burning of the invaders’ cities. Even to this day, too many humans refuse to see all people as part of a single group striving for survival from extinction.

In a society freed from need, there are no rich and no poor – only the rich and the richer

Those who have acquired great wealth understand that money is merely the conversion of effort into value: a way of measuring one person’s efforts and translating it into a number that can be used to purchase another person’s efforts. A mason converts money from selling the labor of finding and cutting and preparing stonework — money which can then be used to purchase the labor of a grocer, or a doctor, or a teacher, even if they require no stones or masonry. Some can amass fortunes so large that they cannot use it in their lifetimes, leaving behind the rewards of their efforts to ensure the safety of their heirs. JOIN THE ILLUMINATI To begin, submit your information below But in this time of chaos, there is now a grave inequality in the conversion of efforts into money. There are countless perils that stand in the way of those who seek to climb higher on the pyramid. Though this planet is rich enough for all people to live in Abundance, fear has driven the wealthiest even further into hoarding — an overprotection for their descendants, fed by their instinctual terror of being forced to return to the poverty from which all humans came. In a world that is freed from the chains of need, no one has any reason to stockpile riches or the food, shelter, comfort, and security that riches provide. They have no reason to succumb to the snares of dictators or imperialists – or even to the poisons of an elitist Corrupt Globalism – because they require no reliance on a political power or the labor of indentured workers to survive. When every person’s needs are met, there is no reason to wage wars and no motivation to pillage their neighbors for the necessities they already have and will never lose.

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